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A Busy Week

October 25, 2008

This week has been very busy -.-
The first that made it more tiring was the fact that we didn’t have any day off in the middle of the week, at least Fridays is supposed to be off for us,lol.

We have been focusing a lot on Japan & Korea’s relation this week on my Japanese course.  Starting first of all with Japans international situation and then moving on to the Jap-korean stuff. It have been very interesting, and i felt like I finally understood really why Japan have been so depending on USA and why they look a bit down one Koreans – of course this isn’t for everyone, but for anyone seeing Go-the movie, you will understand what I mean, since they are really terrible against those poor Korean boys -.-
We Were supposed to watch that movie today, it was such a long time ago since I last watched it, so I was looking forward to refresh my memories….but then I ended up with a fever and  =.=

So what have I been doing then? REST, all day =.= ..though, I hate to just lie in bed all the time doing nothing, so I watched a lot of Eyeshield 21. Felt like the best serie, where I didn’t have to focus like with all the other ones I’m watching right now. I finally got some energy back now again, since I couldn’t fall asleep and that is the reason for all of this,lol.
Also, I’m trying really hard to find a otome game to play on my pc – not hard to find which  ones I want to play, just hard finding the “actually” game, and a working one too -.-
                     (Help anyone *.* )

Anyway, i’m starting to get a bit @_@ again, so I think I will make another try to sleep.
Have a nice weekend everyone ^.^
Many nice things will come, and with “nice things” I mean of course:
New anime episodes, manga chapters and songs :3


2nd week

September 12, 2008

( This was something I was supposed to have posted last week, but I forgot about it XD *hehe* sorry )


I’m finally starting to get used to the life of a university student and it is though -.-
The thing that still takes away all my energy is the pendling, especially now that we are going to take an even earlier train at 6.15. But a good thing is that I noticed that it was ok for me to read on the train and the PENDELTÅG, something I haven’t been able to do before ( gets motionsickness easy )   We had to read a book to page 178 this week for friday, so I could read it during this time, saved me home studying times= more time to sit by the pc ;p
This week we have been starting with hiragana, which was no problem until I noticed that I have been writing some kinda wrong ( such as naーな and waーわ)
Also, my handwriting needs to be practiced, lol, mine is pretty awful -.-

The View is really wonderful and even though it was blowing cold winds, we decided to eat our breakfust outside after our first lesson ^^
I decided then that someday I will find my way over to that island and just relax there.
Though, It is already very cold outside, so it will have to wait for summer^^

This is also one of mty favorite spots: The library (atleast one of them)
Whenever I have dinner with me, I usually eat it there, or breakfust/luch aswell,lol ^.^