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Gundam 00 S2

October 7, 2008

After finally finish re-watching the first Season, I moved right away to the newest one.
Finally, a new season. Well, let’s just start then. I will be jumping a little between events, just because thatís the kind of person I’m :3

I thought of the beginning as a little bit slow and very confusing. I was happy that I finally got all the army groups from season 1, but then they had to go and make an all together Earth Federation -.-  but I guess that is something for a Gundam serie. But I’m glad that they made the focus on Saiji, that made the so close Gundam Meisters feel distant and mysterious. But it wasn’t long before Setsuna entered the screen, with a little new hair style that feels really 80’s anime,lol, at least when he has his helmet on. It is cute. Better than Saijis, he feels so old now.
This was the scene many was waiting for from the first season – their meeting and when Saiji understand that Setsuna is of Celestial being. It will be interesting to see how this develops, also I’m surprised over how kind Tieria was with Saiji, making him understand that Setsuna saved Saijis life, and that he should appreciate that.
Tieria has become very kind from the first season, atleast it felt like he was kinda happy with finding Setsuna. This is all thanx to Lockon who teached him about humans.

At first I was thinking of waiting with this a bit, but as I said – I will jump to difrent scenes if I feel like it. And now I feel like it ;P
My favorite character from the serie was without doubt Allelujah. I won’t go into all the fan talk about why and so, instead I excpect you to figure out my feelings yourself.
After have watched the trailer, and seen the same as in pic 3, I was kinda heartbroken. To stil think about what Allelujah might have gone through is kinda…hard.
But I still wanted to see it, to see which bastard locked him up. This 3 pictures, was the only thing they showed with Allelujah in the first epsidode…really just thease three scenes.
I would have tottaly flipped if it wasn’t for the wonderful new Opening, which I will move to next.^^





I love the new opening! Every elemt in it is interesting.  They even showed scenes from all meisters past and the people who died in the first season.
But still, the best scenes were of course the ones with Allelujah.
His new hair style is so beutiful, i guess he can take away the hair from the eye now that Hallelujah is gone.
Picture 2 and 3 is almost as heartbreaking as the scene in the episode. Here you can see that Allelujah is captured, and watching as the other Meisters are in their Gundams, he reach out his hand, as in saying ” Save me”

I’m so Happy that Lasse survived ( he is after all the one showing the world about us sweds XP ) Setsuna will be happy seeing him^^

I will continue with this later, but right now I need breakfust and some rest 😛 I will uppload many more picture, especially more from the opening, so look forward for it ^^


Devil & Devil

August 29, 2008


I had never heard of this manga before I started to read it, and I found it much better than I thought it would be, even though it has elements of a typical action serie,  the story evolves much more.
When I mean typical serie, I mean the standard routines of a Hero that fights evil, has friends by his side and a heroine to protect, this patterns can for example be seen in Flame of Recca.
Or it is always the same fighting pattern against evil: Gather and fight, struggle through and collect your power and defeat the last boss.
Anyway, as I said, Devil & Devil has these elements, but the most intriguing is to see how the relationship between Sword (the devil)and Ios (the angel)

The story starts with the war between Angels and Demons, where the most brutal demon, Sword is about to engage himself with his 101st battle with the the Angel Ios.  They manage to damage each other so much that they both fall down to the human world. Swords body is at its limits, but luckily he find a human host, Souma, which he transfer es his soul too. The same goes for Ios, who transfer es his soul to Kanna, Soumas older twin brother. With this the story really starts. Both of them most survive and return to their own body, but also need to endure the life of bodys owners.

The parts that first of all makes it amusing is the fact that Souma used to be bullied and a nerd, while Kanna was a delinquent. In the eyes of others, it is now like their personalitys has switched places.

These two covers may look like they has the same person, but like some of you understands, the character for them is difrent. At cover nr.5 you can see Kanna and Souma and at nr.7 is once again Sword and Ios.

A Little spoiler :
Later in the serie, both Souma and Kanna gets the cahance to act in their own bodies again. This leads to more exciting and amusing moments. It also makes it more interesting when the evil forces, both from heaven and hell, decides to attack.


Of course this serie doesn’t attract all kinds of people, but for you who like a nice atdventure, like a Shounen Jump adventure, I suggest that you try this serie.
The manga started 1998 but already finished 2000, then with 15 complete volumes.