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Crystal Blaze

October 5, 2008

I finished watching this serie yesterday.  I followed it every week, till my computer stopped working for a short while. After that I put the serie on hold, but yesterday I started to look through some old episodes in the morning, and the rest of the day I could only think about finish watching it that night. From the beginning I was planning to finish watch World Destruction, since the last episode came a few days ago. But I will just do that another night ^^
I think that, after finished watching Code Geass, I feel like the need to finish up many of the serie I used to watch and just kinda let go of them, especially with the new upcoming wave of series coming this month.

anyway, that wasn’t really anything about this serie, so I will get down to Crystal blaze now ^,~
The story is set in Rage Town, a mystical scum city. A carefree detective, Shu,leads an quite easy life, filled with many womens. But he soon get’s involved in the recent “Glass Maiden “case and it get’s worse after meeting Sara.

This isn’t near any of the best serie I have seen, I don’t even thinks it fits into my “100 favorite anime serie” list, but it did have some nicely moments and new stuff that I hadn’t seen before. Also, the last episode was really good, better than when some really good serie comes to the end.
The things that irritates me the most is still wheter or not his should be classed as a serie for youngsters or from a little more grown up genre.  Crystal Blaze used elements that usually appears in real life grown up movies – with an atmosphere of a gangster town or suburb. But also many things was typical anime, and pretty ridiculous.
Just like before, I’m going to put up some random pictures from the serie.

I think I give this serie a 4/10  and most of those points are mainly just because of my liking for Akira and Shu. His character and with Shinichiro Miki’s voice really reminded me of Youji from Weiss Kreuz, so it was very soft ^^ and Akiras voice was just very good, dear Ueda Yuji.