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My Manga Uppdate : The dark armchair

August 9, 2009

2 days ago I finnaly finished chapter 2 of my manga. I made it into 7pages, so not too much happend.
I wanted to scan it over to my pc, but somehow the cable to the scanner is gone XD
I have been looking for it everywhere, and I will have to do it one more time to find it -___-


Basically, it is about the meeting between a young magican and a girl who calls herself Medusa. 
The first chapter, which was more of a prolouge, is more like the end to what happens later on. Though, I had no time to think when I made that one – since I didn’t plan anything beforehand and only used 1h for each page etc – basically, it sucked =_=
So chapter 2 is their first meeting with each other.
In the short time, they both shows that they want to use each other for something.

I decided to make chapter 3 in the double amount of the one before = 14 pages. I still have only sketched 10 of them, but I’m coming up at the climax right now and will round it up for the last 2 pages.
The title for the chapter was given to me from my friend Bullen.
After considering it for a while he said ” the dark chair, that will be your title” lol ^^
…..but when I was creating the “dark chair” I liked the design of an armchair more, so sorry Bullen – I changed it XD
It is black and has a biiiiiiiiiiig mouth :3

Plot : After using the teleport, Medusa and Yuji,the magican, ends up in a room where they meet the house owner – a black armchair. What kind of influence will the armchair have on the still new formed bond between Medusa and Yuji, and what kind of horrible plans are spinning inside of that big mouth?

Lol, dramatic ne 😛
I will be done with the sketch of this tonight, and then I will use this week to draw it ^^
I plan to order a real G-pen or something like that, since the pen I use for the lines right now is too thick. 
Also I want to buy a Tipex pen (the one Mörre had that I used was awesome! ) and finishing, I want to get Manga studio on my pc + master it!
…it would really advance my manga, at least that is what I belive.
So anyway, has to work hard with my drawings ne ^^
_a.f.k._ Lucky Star - 19 _1__0001


(Btw, not sure if I’m going to go with this blog again, just wanted to check the difference =_= *sorry* )