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A Busy Week

October 25, 2008

This week has been very busy -.-
The first that made it more tiring was the fact that we didn’t have any day off in the middle of the week, at least Fridays is supposed to be off for us,lol.

We have been focusing a lot on Japan & Korea’s relation this week on my Japanese course.  Starting first of all with Japans international situation and then moving on to the Jap-korean stuff. It have been very interesting, and i felt like I finally understood really why Japan have been so depending on USA and why they look a bit down one Koreans – of course this isn’t for everyone, but for anyone seeing Go-the movie, you will understand what I mean, since they are really terrible against those poor Korean boys -.-
We Were supposed to watch that movie today, it was such a long time ago since I last watched it, so I was looking forward to refresh my memories….but then I ended up with a fever and  =.=

So what have I been doing then? REST, all day =.= ..though, I hate to just lie in bed all the time doing nothing, so I watched a lot of Eyeshield 21. Felt like the best serie, where I didn’t have to focus like with all the other ones I’m watching right now. I finally got some energy back now again, since I couldn’t fall asleep and that is the reason for all of this,lol.
Also, I’m trying really hard to find a otome game to play on my pc – not hard to find which  ones I want to play, just hard finding the “actually” game, and a working one too -.-
                     (Help anyone *.* )

Anyway, i’m starting to get a bit @_@ again, so I think I will make another try to sleep.
Have a nice weekend everyone ^.^
Many nice things will come, and with “nice things” I mean of course:
New anime episodes, manga chapters and songs :3



September 12, 2008

I’m on a roll right now, lol, so I was thinking of summarise this week a bit now. Even though I have mostly been to school and also taking it easy with my upcoming cold, but yesterday I made some purchase that still makes me excited to look at ^,^

As I said, I haven’t been up to too much this week, but I can still tell alittle bit about what we did at school. We have been studying more grammar and expression, practiced writing katakana while watching Hisayo-sensei, while she drew calligraphy. We have been practicing speaking with a headset, and because I was early for the lesson, I could watch some children show on NHK,lol. It was so funny, dancing and singing with a lot of little children running around, or just standing still clueless of the situation.
Later that same day, thursday, we had a lecture about japanese society today.
It was mostly basics, and I hope we will have another one.
Today, in  some hours I will have another lecture about japanese art in english. i hope it will go well ^^’

Anyway, now to the main thing: The manga I bought yesterday^^.
I still haven’t fully looked through them all, trying to restrain myself and save some of it for later.

Not much to say about it,lol. Just see for yourself ^.^
I also got a mobile string from LaLa with Nyanko-sensei from Natsume Yuujincho,
and a nice bag from Hana to Yume:3

Anyway, thats all for now. I will try to make some more reviews of some manga or anime. I have been thinking of writing about From Far Away, since it is an unusally manga and i will also probably finish it tonight.
I will end this with a picture of how the magazines look next to each other. This is my new room project aswell,lol = My new Magazine shelf, since the other one is full. I wil probably make it all shojo, so I will put down the rest of my LaLa’s and Hana to Yume aswell + some others,lol ^^

Student of Japanese

August 29, 2008

Now the first week has passed, so I can finally take the weekend to think through of what has happened.
This week I started my life as a student at Stockholm University, with the course Japanese. The first day, monday, was mostly information, not that much either. The first lesson was on wensday, though that one aswell didn’t give out much, but I guess it is ok to take everything slow in the beginning.
I also guess that I feels that it is slow, since I already am at an higher level than some of the others.

– We will practice Japanese grammar and writing
– speaking.
– calligraphy ( just a bit)
– History
– etc

Yesterday we had a lecture of how the writing system came to. It was interesting, but I got a terrible stomache pain at the beginning, so I had to focus all my energy to hold back the pain.
But, since I had read in the book about it beforehand ( like everyone was told to do ) I could listen and follow what the teacher said.
Next week we will have another lecture about the Heien period, can’t wait for it 😀

This is a picture of the Assembly hall where we have been the most.  Our area in the university is a bit away form the main part, so I take the bus a few minutes to get there.
It is called in swedish “Kräftriket” which means Crayfish kingdom in english.
Other than us japanese students are many students of difrent language and also for some medical.

Behind the assembly hall is this big lake that gives of such a quiescent feeling. When we searched for the main part on the first day, to find the building where we could get our books and such, we walked next to the lake and it was so lovely. We wanted to eat lunch near it yesterday, but it was blowing and sometimes raining, so we skipped that idea and ate in the library instead ^,^

The thing that is most tiring with this student life is all the pendling everyday.
From where I live I take the train for about 40 min.
Then the Commuter train for 20 min into Stockholm.
From there I take the subway, not sure of the minutes and at last the bus trip for a few minutes.
This may not sound much, but you need to think of the time in-between this all.
If I say like this : I leave the house on the morning 6.45, to take the train that goes 6.56 and I just make it in time for the lesson that starts 9.00 . So it becomes a long day -,-
Yesterday, thursday, I left home 7.15 and came home 20.50 ,lol. We had a break before the lecture which ended 17.40, but because of all the pendling I ended up home almost 3 hours later T.T

This Cat…thing was on the other side of the railway in Upplandsväsby (the first stop after the train before we switch to the commuter train ) It changed my mood at that time,  which was stress, tiredness, irritation
Just watching it, you can’t help to smile, ne ^^ let’s call it Neko box of Luv! ❤

But I will just hang in there and continue to study.
I have by my side my dear friend Sara and a dream to master japanese. So I will just fight the things in my way and continue to smile happily, like a warrior, alone  at centrum, walking in circles around a single staty, waiting for the prey to come. The warrior prepear her self to master and destroy the things in her way, so she can fly to the next battlestation in Japan…..
….well, you get the point, I hope o(^.^)o