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World Destruction

August 27, 2008

Last night I finally started to watch World Destruction.
The anime is based on a not too old Sega game, which recently also made the way to a DS.

The first episode was a bit slow, since I waited to hear Ono Daisuke’s voice. That is one of the things that made me really interested in this serie when I watched the trailer;  There are so many great seiyus, such as :
Mamoro Miyano :  Setsuna in Gundam 00 & Light in Death Note ect
Hiroyuki Yoshino:  Allelujha in Gundam 00 & Zedo in Kiba ect
Daisuke Ono :  Hyuuga in Neo Angelique & Sora in Air ect
Maaya Sakumoto: Mishima in Rahxephon & Lunamaria in Gundam seed Destiny ect

The secound episode was better than the first, since  Naja ( Silver hair ) finally came + Agan( Red hair ) . Kuma (Guess who 😛 )is also good, since his seiyu is Tohru Furuya ( who is most famous for his role in Gundam and Saint Seiya ) I still find it amazing that his voice still remain the same, even after 30 years in the business as a Seiyu ^^

 After watching the screenshots for the game, I really want to play it and I can also assume that the game is much better than the anime ( just like it was with Shining tears X Sword )







Anyway, it is a nice anime for the once who want to relax to an adventure with great Seiyus and good animation. So give it a shot, and watch not only the first episode but the secound two, before you completle decide to not watch it ^^