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Code Geass

October 4, 2008

I finished watching this serie yesterday…and what should I say?
It was surely one of the best I have seen, but for the moment I feel in no shape to really explain about that. When I finish watching something, at least yesterday, it felt kinda like a black hole developed inside of me, sucking in all kinds of feelings from the serie: Expectation, love, hope and the yearning.
Of course, many feelings still remains right now, such as anger and grief, but I let  a lot of that out yesterday. Lol, Can’t really believe that I screamed like that.

Anyway, I guess I will get down to the main thing right now, about the serie.  I won’t focus that much on the first season but rather about R2.
( But in the end I wrote alot more than I was meant to do,lol)

In the serie we follow Lelouch,a former prince of the world dominating country Brittania. He lives together with his blind and handicapped little sister, Nunnaly, under the protection of Ashford school. One day he gets catched up with a terrorist groups plan to get an atombomb. But instead of a bomb, it shows out to be a mystical immortal woman called C.C .  When the brittania army, who many years ago took over Japan and made it into “Area 11” , are about to kill Lelouch, he makes a contract with C.C and gets the power of a “Geass”. With this new power, Lelouch can finally get his revenge on Brittania and create a peaceful world for him and Nunnaly.
He gets controll over the terroist group from before and starts his revenge, but he soon gets to feel the power of the enemy, which the most troublesome prooves out to be his childhood friend, a japanese, called Suzaku.

I won’t go into what happens to much in R2 ( even though that was what I said befire,lol) It would be to complicated. But I still want’s to share a couple of pictures of new and old characters, and also some art pictures.^^


Perhaps I will put up some more some other time lol. Becuase now I got to catched up in putting up images that I fully forgot to write something,lol. So…well, I will jsut end it liek this I guess:

Code Geass is a serie that everyone into anime should definetly watch. It gets 10/10


From the start

August 23, 2008

I decided to get myself a blog, just to write down whatever is on my mind and tell about things that I think as important elements for me.
   Inspired by other bloggers I will reviews about :
Anime,Manga, Games,Music and other things ^^

Anyway, the first review I will do is on the Code Geass R2 sound episode 2.
This is a song by the character Rolo ( Seiyu Misushima Takahiro )
and also a drama together with Lelouch ( Fukuyama Jun )
The song is very nice,and a most for any Rolo fan.
My japanese isn’t that good, but I tried to translate a bit of the song anyway.

All alone,
I couldn’t feel anything.
But that was how I thought it was to live.
But still I got kindness, ( or still haven’t gotten)
to penetrate despair.
Destinys “Arabesque” gave me light in the darkness.

Because this time I will protect.
If that is the reason to live,
Then I’m here.
The thing called “happiness” ,
is the person who gave me a heart.