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Slayers Revolution

August 26, 2008

Slayers was the very first serie I ever watched, so for me this serie holds a great place in my heart.
That a new season has come, I still find that fact schocking.

At the very first episode, you will see that the serie is still able to give the viewers a time of joy.
Lina Inverse amuse us as always with her food eating and fast way to terminate anyone who stands in her way, or make a comments about her breast size.
A Man named Wiser is after her, wanting to arrest her just because she is Lina Inverse. And at the top of the dealing with him, Linas precious screen time to use her beloved Dragon Slave , gets taken by a strange animal called Pokota.

Now to the big difrence between this new version 2008, and the old one from 1995. The top pic is from the new, and the one under form the old ( Can’t help using Zelgadis, he is my favorite ^^)

I still like the old slayers more, thoug I have only seen a a mere
4 episodes of Revolution.
But I’m not that found of the new colours, as seen with
Zelgadis hair, for not speaking of Amelias that turned Purple!   


And another thing that suprised me was the new effect for the Dragon Slave. It looked kinda weak and more like a big lava bomb, than a weapon of darkness.
Even thoug it may now sound that I’m complaining, I’m doing the opposite. I Luv this serie, so ofcourse I luv the new one as well. I’m just pointing out a few things that is difrent from the originall and that I miss.
But in  fact, I couldn’t be happier to once again watch my favorite serie.