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Otana ni nuts

September 22, 2008

I thought that I should just continue reviewing a couple of manga, at least the unusual ones. Here come another one that I started to read again( read two chapter before ) and finished reading almost right away.
It is called Otona ni Nuts = Instant teen.

The story is about Natsumi who wants to hurry and grow up to become a sexy teenager, and faster than she could dream of, she actually becomes one right away. The secret lies in the special nuts she got that changes her body. This makes it possible for her to meet with the hairstylist she has been watching along time.
Even though the pattern can already clearly be seen, I don’t think it is any surprise that this is a typical Shojo comic, where the Heroine stumbles upon small problems that makes her cry right away, but also quickly gets comforted by the ever next Hero, which in this case is her childhood friend Asuma.

Like with Far Away, I don’t feel the need to hide the fact of who she will fall in love with,or rather end up with, since it is obvious from the start. Right from the start you will see that Asuma is in love with Natsumi ,like most “we are just childhood friends, how could we love each other” comic.

At some points, I got really irritated with the manga style, since not everything felt purely detailed.
 The best pictures were mostly of the older Natsumi. And towards the end, I got irritated at the story for not using the option that I was looking forward all the time:

Atsuma never got to turn into an older version, which was a big disappointment. He did use some other nuts, which made him switch body with Natsumi. It would have been great to see his grown-up version 😦
Anyway, for you who seeks a really lame shojo manga, with just a little spice, I guess this is the right story.
I haven’t done this before, but if I would give this manga a grading, it would probably be something like : 2/10