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Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn

August 24, 2008

I used most of my day to read up the latest manga chapter and anime episodes.
The manga is still keeping the good feeling, no matter what elements pop ups, but the anime keeps getting worse because of all the bad fillers.
They are just trying to buy time, making small things long, like the conclusion of the last episode and so.
I just don’t get why they didn’t think of this before hand, when they still were in the “real” time. There is still parts of the manga that hasn’t reached the screen.
The best example is the Mafia boss that was in a few chapter a long time ago, around the ” fun chapter” times, before everything started getting serious with nonstop battles.
If it wasn’t because Mukuro came these last episodes, I’m not sure if I would have considerd watching it more, or maybe I would just have skipped the irritating part and watch the rest.
I guess it will be more enyoible when the battle parts come, since they are often less confusing than in the manga.