Daily life : school

For the moment I’m at school, waiting for help with a bookkeeping problem (absolutely not the first one for today =_=)
Still too many new things for me to comprehend them all….or rather, if I even get 15% I get’s really happy *sigh*
Later today I’m going to Gränby(the mall) to fix some photographs and look for a new coat, since I still wears my summer jacket and it get’s pretty cold through the mornings and night. Kinda hoped that winter will come fast so I can use my winter coat instead (it’s warm and nice~)

Yesterday I finished drawing my 13(?) character picture, which took me 1 week to finish, since I had fever and been too lazy. This time I made a pic of two elvs (thinking of making them into dark elves) who works under Shiya. The nickname for them is Ame(Rain) and Kamen Otoko(Mask guy). Both of them are kinda pure evil, waiting to tear apart their next victim,lol.

(hopefully a bit more graceful than that, and the offer is probably not a toy rabbit,lol ^^;)


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