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Last Bleach with Max

August 19, 2009


Today, Malin ( /Max ) and I finnaly catched up with the Bleach anime. With todays new episode, we had a total of 9 episodes to watch: 225-233.
I have been following Bleach since it started airing, but 2~3 years back I started to see it with Malin. It has kinda been our thing, especially since Malin only watch few animes.
BUT, starting next week Malin will move to Lund for study T_T
So today was our last time watching it together *sob*

hisagi_shuuhei_and_kira_izuru_by_omaraty009The first episodes for today involved more individual battles against the Espadas.  It also brought with it nice scenes with Hisagi Shuuhei and Kira Izu. In one scene Hisagi was being held in the fist by a big monster, kinda like a scene from King Kong 😛

Starting from episode 227, the Espada arc is once again on halt, meaning that what happens next is not part of the real story but just a filler story. And I….I have been looking forward for this for weeks!
The reason ís written a bit further down, first a complain. ^^;

But before that, episode 227,228 and 229 were each a one episode filler episode =_=
Sure some parts of it was fun, but the beach episode…..WTF, or rather WHY?!
In this episode some shinigamis, especially the woman association comes to our world to spend a day at the beach.
This wasn’t entirely a filler. It’s based from a 4 panel short story, on pehaps 7~10 pages.
It contained some fun parts, like Byakuyas art ability and something like Ukitakes funera, though he was only sleeping 😛
But then, there was this Melon monster with tentacles.
Beach Bikini womans with big breasts+ Tentacle Monster = Tentacle hentai !!!  >(x___x)>
Of course it wasn’t really hentai, but it was obviously that it was leaning that way. 
I mean, come on! Why soil such a good anime as Bleach with such shit =_= it just irritates me.


But well, leaving that,  I will go into the greatest part of today = New filler story!!!!!!!!!!
Since I found out that they were going to start a new one, I have been so excited….of course it was also because of the great new SEIYUS,lol, the best part being that Nakamura Yuuichi would get to voice a new character who would have a big role in the plot.
And GOD, that chracter is just wonderful!
His character is Muramasa, the main evil guy ^0^
And guessing by his names, he is based on the story of the legendary sword with the same name – at least I see that as his background story, untill hew will tell it by himself in the anime.


FILLER PLOT: In Soul society, many shinigamis start to feel that something is wrong with their own Zanpaktou. After being summoned by the Captain Command, the captains of Gotei 13, their vice captains and some others gathers.
Muramasa shows up and declares that he has captured the Captain Command, with the help of their Zanpaktous, who has freed themself from their shinigami. So now they have to fight without their usual power and harsh cirumstances.

Well, thats kinds what has happend through this 4 episodes.
And after telling this, I can now reveal the other great Seiyu I looked forward for and I’m still shocked over his role.
This means that forever I will always think of Hirakawa when Byakuya use his wepon.

*sob* the world is after all just a great place *sob* to be able to witness this, I could die happily *sob*
 ( pehaps a bit exxagereated 😛 )

Still, back to the most important part of the day = MALIN!
Before and after watching todays last episode, we toasted with a glass of Cider.
…It was kinda like a Bleach-watching-Break-up ,lol XDDDD
But Maxis, I will always keep you in mind when I think of Bleach*sob* forever!!!!!!!

*standing on a cliff and shouting,
As the waves fiercly hits the cliffwall,
and seagulls cries in fear,
I look up at the cloduy sky,
painted by the sundown,
Thorn by a lonely heart,
but still filled love,
I raise my hand towards the sky,
Do a Thumb up and say with a smiling face:
Max, even if we are apart,
let us still enjoy next weeks episode of Bleach from afar <3*1177852374_bleach-wallpaper-223


My Manga Uppdate : The dark armchair

August 9, 2009

2 days ago I finnaly finished chapter 2 of my manga. I made it into 7pages, so not too much happend.
I wanted to scan it over to my pc, but somehow the cable to the scanner is gone XD
I have been looking for it everywhere, and I will have to do it one more time to find it -___-


Basically, it is about the meeting between a young magican and a girl who calls herself Medusa. 
The first chapter, which was more of a prolouge, is more like the end to what happens later on. Though, I had no time to think when I made that one – since I didn’t plan anything beforehand and only used 1h for each page etc – basically, it sucked =_=
So chapter 2 is their first meeting with each other.
In the short time, they both shows that they want to use each other for something.

I decided to make chapter 3 in the double amount of the one before = 14 pages. I still have only sketched 10 of them, but I’m coming up at the climax right now and will round it up for the last 2 pages.
The title for the chapter was given to me from my friend Bullen.
After considering it for a while he said ” the dark chair, that will be your title” lol ^^
…..but when I was creating the “dark chair” I liked the design of an armchair more, so sorry Bullen – I changed it XD
It is black and has a biiiiiiiiiiig mouth :3

Plot : After using the teleport, Medusa and Yuji,the magican, ends up in a room where they meet the house owner – a black armchair. What kind of influence will the armchair have on the still new formed bond between Medusa and Yuji, and what kind of horrible plans are spinning inside of that big mouth?

Lol, dramatic ne 😛
I will be done with the sketch of this tonight, and then I will use this week to draw it ^^
I plan to order a real G-pen or something like that, since the pen I use for the lines right now is too thick. 
Also I want to buy a Tipex pen (the one Mörre had that I used was awesome! ) and finishing, I want to get Manga studio on my pc + master it!
…it would really advance my manga, at least that is what I belive.
So anyway, has to work hard with my drawings ne ^^
_a.f.k._ Lucky Star - 19 _1__0001


(Btw, not sure if I’m going to go with this blog again, just wanted to check the difference =_= *sorry* )