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A Busy Week

October 25, 2008

This week has been very busy -.-
The first that made it more tiring was the fact that we didn’t have any day off in the middle of the week, at least Fridays is supposed to be off for us,lol.

We have been focusing a lot on Japan & Korea’s relation this week on my Japanese course.  Starting first of all with Japans international situation and then moving on to the Jap-korean stuff. It have been very interesting, and i felt like I finally understood really why Japan have been so depending on USA and why they look a bit down one Koreans – of course this isn’t for everyone, but for anyone seeing Go-the movie, you will understand what I mean, since they are really terrible against those poor Korean boys -.-
We Were supposed to watch that movie today, it was such a long time ago since I last watched it, so I was looking forward to refresh my memories….but then I ended up with a fever and  =.=

So what have I been doing then? REST, all day =.= ..though, I hate to just lie in bed all the time doing nothing, so I watched a lot of Eyeshield 21. Felt like the best serie, where I didn’t have to focus like with all the other ones I’m watching right now. I finally got some energy back now again, since I couldn’t fall asleep and that is the reason for all of this,lol.
Also, I’m trying really hard to find a otome game to play on my pc – not hard to find which  ones I want to play, just hard finding the “actually” game, and a working one too -.-
                     (Help anyone *.* )

Anyway, i’m starting to get a bit @_@ again, so I think I will make another try to sleep.
Have a nice weekend everyone ^.^
Many nice things will come, and with “nice things” I mean of course:
New anime episodes, manga chapters and songs :3


Gundam 00 S2

October 7, 2008

After finally finish re-watching the first Season, I moved right away to the newest one.
Finally, a new season. Well, let’s just start then. I will be jumping a little between events, just because thatís the kind of person I’m :3

I thought of the beginning as a little bit slow and very confusing. I was happy that I finally got all the army groups from season 1, but then they had to go and make an all together Earth Federation -.-  but I guess that is something for a Gundam serie. But I’m glad that they made the focus on Saiji, that made the so close Gundam Meisters feel distant and mysterious. But it wasn’t long before Setsuna entered the screen, with a little new hair style that feels really 80’s anime,lol, at least when he has his helmet on. It is cute. Better than Saijis, he feels so old now.
This was the scene many was waiting for from the first season – their meeting and when Saiji understand that Setsuna is of Celestial being. It will be interesting to see how this develops, also I’m surprised over how kind Tieria was with Saiji, making him understand that Setsuna saved Saijis life, and that he should appreciate that.
Tieria has become very kind from the first season, atleast it felt like he was kinda happy with finding Setsuna. This is all thanx to Lockon who teached him about humans.

At first I was thinking of waiting with this a bit, but as I said – I will jump to difrent scenes if I feel like it. And now I feel like it ;P
My favorite character from the serie was without doubt Allelujah. I won’t go into all the fan talk about why and so, instead I excpect you to figure out my feelings yourself.
After have watched the trailer, and seen the same as in pic 3, I was kinda heartbroken. To stil think about what Allelujah might have gone through is kinda…hard.
But I still wanted to see it, to see which bastard locked him up. This 3 pictures, was the only thing they showed with Allelujah in the first epsidode…really just thease three scenes.
I would have tottaly flipped if it wasn’t for the wonderful new Opening, which I will move to next.^^





I love the new opening! Every elemt in it is interesting.  They even showed scenes from all meisters past and the people who died in the first season.
But still, the best scenes were of course the ones with Allelujah.
His new hair style is so beutiful, i guess he can take away the hair from the eye now that Hallelujah is gone.
Picture 2 and 3 is almost as heartbreaking as the scene in the episode. Here you can see that Allelujah is captured, and watching as the other Meisters are in their Gundams, he reach out his hand, as in saying ” Save me”

I’m so Happy that Lasse survived ( he is after all the one showing the world about us sweds XP ) Setsuna will be happy seeing him^^

I will continue with this later, but right now I need breakfust and some rest 😛 I will uppload many more picture, especially more from the opening, so look forward for it ^^

Crystal Blaze

October 5, 2008

I finished watching this serie yesterday.  I followed it every week, till my computer stopped working for a short while. After that I put the serie on hold, but yesterday I started to look through some old episodes in the morning, and the rest of the day I could only think about finish watching it that night. From the beginning I was planning to finish watch World Destruction, since the last episode came a few days ago. But I will just do that another night ^^
I think that, after finished watching Code Geass, I feel like the need to finish up many of the serie I used to watch and just kinda let go of them, especially with the new upcoming wave of series coming this month.

anyway, that wasn’t really anything about this serie, so I will get down to Crystal blaze now ^,~
The story is set in Rage Town, a mystical scum city. A carefree detective, Shu,leads an quite easy life, filled with many womens. But he soon get’s involved in the recent “Glass Maiden “case and it get’s worse after meeting Sara.

This isn’t near any of the best serie I have seen, I don’t even thinks it fits into my “100 favorite anime serie” list, but it did have some nicely moments and new stuff that I hadn’t seen before. Also, the last episode was really good, better than when some really good serie comes to the end.
The things that irritates me the most is still wheter or not his should be classed as a serie for youngsters or from a little more grown up genre.  Crystal Blaze used elements that usually appears in real life grown up movies – with an atmosphere of a gangster town or suburb. But also many things was typical anime, and pretty ridiculous.
Just like before, I’m going to put up some random pictures from the serie.

I think I give this serie a 4/10  and most of those points are mainly just because of my liking for Akira and Shu. His character and with Shinichiro Miki’s voice really reminded me of Youji from Weiss Kreuz, so it was very soft ^^ and Akiras voice was just very good, dear Ueda Yuji.

Code Geass

October 4, 2008

I finished watching this serie yesterday…and what should I say?
It was surely one of the best I have seen, but for the moment I feel in no shape to really explain about that. When I finish watching something, at least yesterday, it felt kinda like a black hole developed inside of me, sucking in all kinds of feelings from the serie: Expectation, love, hope and the yearning.
Of course, many feelings still remains right now, such as anger and grief, but I let  a lot of that out yesterday. Lol, Can’t really believe that I screamed like that.

Anyway, I guess I will get down to the main thing right now, about the serie.  I won’t focus that much on the first season but rather about R2.
( But in the end I wrote alot more than I was meant to do,lol)

In the serie we follow Lelouch,a former prince of the world dominating country Brittania. He lives together with his blind and handicapped little sister, Nunnaly, under the protection of Ashford school. One day he gets catched up with a terrorist groups plan to get an atombomb. But instead of a bomb, it shows out to be a mystical immortal woman called C.C .  When the brittania army, who many years ago took over Japan and made it into “Area 11” , are about to kill Lelouch, he makes a contract with C.C and gets the power of a “Geass”. With this new power, Lelouch can finally get his revenge on Brittania and create a peaceful world for him and Nunnaly.
He gets controll over the terroist group from before and starts his revenge, but he soon gets to feel the power of the enemy, which the most troublesome prooves out to be his childhood friend, a japanese, called Suzaku.

I won’t go into what happens to much in R2 ( even though that was what I said befire,lol) It would be to complicated. But I still want’s to share a couple of pictures of new and old characters, and also some art pictures.^^


Perhaps I will put up some more some other time lol. Becuase now I got to catched up in putting up images that I fully forgot to write something,lol. So…well, I will jsut end it liek this I guess:

Code Geass is a serie that everyone into anime should definetly watch. It gets 10/10