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Devil & Devil

August 29, 2008


I had never heard of this manga before I started to read it, and I found it much better than I thought it would be, even though it has elements of a typical action serie,  the story evolves much more.
When I mean typical serie, I mean the standard routines of a Hero that fights evil, has friends by his side and a heroine to protect, this patterns can for example be seen in Flame of Recca.
Or it is always the same fighting pattern against evil: Gather and fight, struggle through and collect your power and defeat the last boss.
Anyway, as I said, Devil & Devil has these elements, but the most intriguing is to see how the relationship between Sword (the devil)and Ios (the angel)

The story starts with the war between Angels and Demons, where the most brutal demon, Sword is about to engage himself with his 101st battle with the the Angel Ios.  They manage to damage each other so much that they both fall down to the human world. Swords body is at its limits, but luckily he find a human host, Souma, which he transfer es his soul too. The same goes for Ios, who transfer es his soul to Kanna, Soumas older twin brother. With this the story really starts. Both of them most survive and return to their own body, but also need to endure the life of bodys owners.

The parts that first of all makes it amusing is the fact that Souma used to be bullied and a nerd, while Kanna was a delinquent. In the eyes of others, it is now like their personalitys has switched places.

These two covers may look like they has the same person, but like some of you understands, the character for them is difrent. At cover nr.5 you can see Kanna and Souma and at nr.7 is once again Sword and Ios.

A Little spoiler :
Later in the serie, both Souma and Kanna gets the cahance to act in their own bodies again. This leads to more exciting and amusing moments. It also makes it more interesting when the evil forces, both from heaven and hell, decides to attack.


Of course this serie doesn’t attract all kinds of people, but for you who like a nice atdventure, like a Shounen Jump adventure, I suggest that you try this serie.
The manga started 1998 but already finished 2000, then with 15 complete volumes.


Student of Japanese

August 29, 2008

Now the first week has passed, so I can finally take the weekend to think through of what has happened.
This week I started my life as a student at Stockholm University, with the course Japanese. The first day, monday, was mostly information, not that much either. The first lesson was on wensday, though that one aswell didn’t give out much, but I guess it is ok to take everything slow in the beginning.
I also guess that I feels that it is slow, since I already am at an higher level than some of the others.

– We will practice Japanese grammar and writing
– speaking.
– calligraphy ( just a bit)
– History
– etc

Yesterday we had a lecture of how the writing system came to. It was interesting, but I got a terrible stomache pain at the beginning, so I had to focus all my energy to hold back the pain.
But, since I had read in the book about it beforehand ( like everyone was told to do ) I could listen and follow what the teacher said.
Next week we will have another lecture about the Heien period, can’t wait for it 😀

This is a picture of the Assembly hall where we have been the most.  Our area in the university is a bit away form the main part, so I take the bus a few minutes to get there.
It is called in swedish “Kräftriket” which means Crayfish kingdom in english.
Other than us japanese students are many students of difrent language and also for some medical.

Behind the assembly hall is this big lake that gives of such a quiescent feeling. When we searched for the main part on the first day, to find the building where we could get our books and such, we walked next to the lake and it was so lovely. We wanted to eat lunch near it yesterday, but it was blowing and sometimes raining, so we skipped that idea and ate in the library instead ^,^

The thing that is most tiring with this student life is all the pendling everyday.
From where I live I take the train for about 40 min.
Then the Commuter train for 20 min into Stockholm.
From there I take the subway, not sure of the minutes and at last the bus trip for a few minutes.
This may not sound much, but you need to think of the time in-between this all.
If I say like this : I leave the house on the morning 6.45, to take the train that goes 6.56 and I just make it in time for the lesson that starts 9.00 . So it becomes a long day -,-
Yesterday, thursday, I left home 7.15 and came home 20.50 ,lol. We had a break before the lecture which ended 17.40, but because of all the pendling I ended up home almost 3 hours later T.T

This Cat…thing was on the other side of the railway in Upplandsväsby (the first stop after the train before we switch to the commuter train ) It changed my mood at that time,  which was stress, tiredness, irritation
Just watching it, you can’t help to smile, ne ^^ let’s call it Neko box of Luv! ❤

But I will just hang in there and continue to study.
I have by my side my dear friend Sara and a dream to master japanese. So I will just fight the things in my way and continue to smile happily, like a warrior, alone  at centrum, walking in circles around a single staty, waiting for the prey to come. The warrior prepear her self to master and destroy the things in her way, so she can fly to the next battlestation in Japan…..
….well, you get the point, I hope o(^.^)o 


World Destruction

August 27, 2008

Last night I finally started to watch World Destruction.
The anime is based on a not too old Sega game, which recently also made the way to a DS.

The first episode was a bit slow, since I waited to hear Ono Daisuke’s voice. That is one of the things that made me really interested in this serie when I watched the trailer;  There are so many great seiyus, such as :
Mamoro Miyano :  Setsuna in Gundam 00 & Light in Death Note ect
Hiroyuki Yoshino:  Allelujha in Gundam 00 & Zedo in Kiba ect
Daisuke Ono :  Hyuuga in Neo Angelique & Sora in Air ect
Maaya Sakumoto: Mishima in Rahxephon & Lunamaria in Gundam seed Destiny ect

The secound episode was better than the first, since  Naja ( Silver hair ) finally came + Agan( Red hair ) . Kuma (Guess who 😛 )is also good, since his seiyu is Tohru Furuya ( who is most famous for his role in Gundam and Saint Seiya ) I still find it amazing that his voice still remain the same, even after 30 years in the business as a Seiyu ^^

 After watching the screenshots for the game, I really want to play it and I can also assume that the game is much better than the anime ( just like it was with Shining tears X Sword )







Anyway, it is a nice anime for the once who want to relax to an adventure with great Seiyus and good animation. So give it a shot, and watch not only the first episode but the secound two, before you completle decide to not watch it ^^

Slayers Revolution

August 26, 2008

Slayers was the very first serie I ever watched, so for me this serie holds a great place in my heart.
That a new season has come, I still find that fact schocking.

At the very first episode, you will see that the serie is still able to give the viewers a time of joy.
Lina Inverse amuse us as always with her food eating and fast way to terminate anyone who stands in her way, or make a comments about her breast size.
A Man named Wiser is after her, wanting to arrest her just because she is Lina Inverse. And at the top of the dealing with him, Linas precious screen time to use her beloved Dragon Slave , gets taken by a strange animal called Pokota.

Now to the big difrence between this new version 2008, and the old one from 1995. The top pic is from the new, and the one under form the old ( Can’t help using Zelgadis, he is my favorite ^^)

I still like the old slayers more, thoug I have only seen a a mere
4 episodes of Revolution.
But I’m not that found of the new colours, as seen with
Zelgadis hair, for not speaking of Amelias that turned Purple!   


And another thing that suprised me was the new effect for the Dragon Slave. It looked kinda weak and more like a big lava bomb, than a weapon of darkness.
Even thoug it may now sound that I’m complaining, I’m doing the opposite. I Luv this serie, so ofcourse I luv the new one as well. I’m just pointing out a few things that is difrent from the originall and that I miss.
But in  fact, I couldn’t be happier to once again watch my favorite serie.


Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn

August 24, 2008

I used most of my day to read up the latest manga chapter and anime episodes.
The manga is still keeping the good feeling, no matter what elements pop ups, but the anime keeps getting worse because of all the bad fillers.
They are just trying to buy time, making small things long, like the conclusion of the last episode and so.
I just don’t get why they didn’t think of this before hand, when they still were in the “real” time. There is still parts of the manga that hasn’t reached the screen.
The best example is the Mafia boss that was in a few chapter a long time ago, around the ” fun chapter” times, before everything started getting serious with nonstop battles.
If it wasn’t because Mukuro came these last episodes, I’m not sure if I would have considerd watching it more, or maybe I would just have skipped the irritating part and watch the rest.
I guess it will be more enyoible when the battle parts come, since they are often less confusing than in the manga.


From the start

August 23, 2008

I decided to get myself a blog, just to write down whatever is on my mind and tell about things that I think as important elements for me.
   Inspired by other bloggers I will reviews about :
Anime,Manga, Games,Music and other things ^^

Anyway, the first review I will do is on the Code Geass R2 sound episode 2.
This is a song by the character Rolo ( Seiyu Misushima Takahiro )
and also a drama together with Lelouch ( Fukuyama Jun )
The song is very nice,and a most for any Rolo fan.
My japanese isn’t that good, but I tried to translate a bit of the song anyway.

All alone,
I couldn’t feel anything.
But that was how I thought it was to live.
But still I got kindness, ( or still haven’t gotten)
to penetrate despair.
Destinys “Arabesque” gave me light in the darkness.

Because this time I will protect.
If that is the reason to live,
Then I’m here.
The thing called “happiness” ,
is the person who gave me a heart.